Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

Synopsis: Six criminals are hired to steal some diamonds. What was meant to be a quick and easy job, quickly turns bloody when the cops show up to the scene of the robbery and a shootout occurs. After fleeing to the safe house, the thieves quickly begin to turn on each other assuming that one may be a police informant.

REVIEW: This movie is an absolute classic. It is up there with Pulp Fiction as one of my favorite movies of all time. Steve Buscemi and Harvey Keitel are fantastic along with Tim Roth. The movie is sort of told from Tim Roth’s character’s perspective as he is trained to act and feel like a criminal in preparation for the heist. The narrative in the movie jumps around a lot but Tarantino, as always, makes it work for him. It is exceedingly stylish and cool and much like his other films he uses the tension between the characters to build scenes up into intense boiling points. This is a must see for anyone, especially if you like Tarantino films. 


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