Troll 2 (1990)

Troll 2 (1990)

Aka Goblins (pre Americanized title)



Directed by

Claudio Fragasso                              (as Drake Floyd)


Writing credits

Rossella Drudi                                   co-story (uncredited)

Rossella Drudi                                   screenplay

Claudio Fragasso                              screenplay (as Drake Floyd)

Claudio Fragasso                              story (as Drake Floyd)



Nearing the end of the quarter I had to watch a favorite of mine.


The waits family doing a house swap with another family in a remote country town called Nilbog for a vacation from the big city. Joshua starts to cause a ruckus with his visits from his dead Grandpa Seth, warning Joshua of the evil that lurked in the town of Nilbog. Vegetarian goblins attempt to feed special green food that would turn humans into plants that would then be safe to eat. Lead by a witch that lives in a cottage in the woods and being able to disguise themselves as humans.


This Movie has a vast history behind it starting with the title of the movie itself. The original title of the movie was called Goblins and then would make sense of the name of the town being Nilbog. When the film was introduced into the United states market the title was changed to Troll 2 to complement another B movie as a sequel, this ends up being very confusing as the 2 films have zero things in common all the way to the background story or writer or director. An Italian husband and wife wrote and directed the whole film, released under a false name trying to appeal to the American horror film market. This movie is sooo cheesy and with very little professional acting, even including volunteers from the nearby mental institution. Layers upon layers of short cuts in costume and just about everything you can imagine. This leaves a unique, very different and hysterical movie if you can get through the initial agony of such a terribly awful acted movie. Watch this movie if only to be able to tell your friends the story. I am going to follow up next week with the Documentary about this film called Best Worst Movie (2009).


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