This is a Spike Lee movie that i thought was very interesting.This about World War II U.s. Army’s all- black 92nd  Infantry Division,the four Buffalo Soldiers,are trapped behind enemy lines after one them risk his life to save a traumatized Italian boy.They were separated from their unit and found themselves trap  in a remote Tuscan village, they were out number and out man and had to fight a stand-off until help arrived,in which their white commander refuses to help suddenly because they had drifted off from the patroon,so they stuck there with out any help until help arrived after most of them were killed however they manage to save the boy.

What i really like about this movie was that doing World War II, Black were all in segregated units and were inferior to the other Infantry Divisions at that time,the Buffalo Soldiers were a heroic group of a soldier that never got any recognition until the war was long over,Spike Lee  direct and produce movies  that portray black history and this one of many which i thought was very interesting and informative help exposed this special unit that fought in  this war.The movie look to be a low budget film and sometimes the scenes were over dramatics.



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