Spiderman 2

Director – Sam Raimi

Synopsis – Following the first Spiderman movie of this generation, Peter Parker dives deeper into his Spiderman persona at the cost of his friends Mary Jane and Harry Osborn. After a larger fusion power experiment goes wrong by Otto Octavius, funded by Harry, Peter must deal with what is created in the aftermath.

Review – Out of the 4 current Spiderman movies, this is my favorite. I know a lot of people hate on Tobey Maguire, but I can look past him because this is about SPIDERMAN. Yes, one of my favorite superheroes. Sure, he acts like a little crybaby here and there, but Spiderman has a tough life: Lost his uncle because he (Peter) made a wrong decision, couldn’t be with his potential girlfriend (at this point) due to heroic responsibilities, and in the previous movie had a part in the death of his “best friend’s” father. I’d be either pissed off or sad if I were him too.

On to the story. After Doc Oc’s fusion power experiment goes wrong and he now has 4 metal limbs attached to his spine, well, naturally this makes him go crazy and start robbing banks. Peter Parker was trying to put down the mask and regain his friends, Doc Oc’s city fun time brings Spiderman back into the loop to have a few bouts. I liked that fact that these two guys are basically super geniuses with super powers and now they get to fight each other, Spiderman must deal with getting broken physically and mentally. Doc Oc is even more motivated to get Spiderman out of his way as Harry Osborn has offered to fund a key piece in his failed experiment again, only after Spiderman is captured.

Anyway, I also picked this movie because it (and the others in this series) was able to finally show Spiderman off using the correct technology. We can now see him websling between New York City buildings and have epic battles with a an eight-limbed super villain. A camera system called “Spydercam” was used to show of Spiderman’s high flying acts, it uses cameras connected to buildings with wires. Doctor Octopus’ metallic limbs were done by the studio Edge FX the old fashioned way and CGI was used only when absolutely necessary. Blender 3D was also used to for storyboard development, this helped the director’s vision reach the whole team. I think this says a lot considering Blender is a free open source tool. I was expecting them to use Maya or some other expensive tool.


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