The Women (2008)

The Women (2008)

Director: Diane English

A group of friends get together to help their friend, Mary Haines, whose husband is cheating on her. They set about undermining the relationship between the husband and his mistress. Mary Haines also learns a great lesson. She discovers she should focus more on doing what she loves instead of trying to be what she thinks he wants.

This is kind of a drama/comedy. The antics the friends engage in are humorous but effective. You find yourself cheering their efforts. There is a great cast of well- known actresses. The movie stars Meg Ryan, who is one of my favorite actresses. One of my favorite parts is when Annette Bening is at Saks Fifth Avenue walking through the cosmetics section. A saleswoman is following her trying to get her to try anti-aging treatments.  She doesn’t miss a step as she says, “This is my face. Deal with it.”  There are some crude parts and not much real ‘action’, but it does keep you wanting to see what comes next. The Women gives a different perspective on many such stories as it shows a woman working to save her marriage instead of ending it. Instead of revenge, it is a story of strength and courage.


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