Best Worst Movie (2009)


Best Worst Movie (2009)

Director: Michael Stephenson

This is a Documentary based on the making and cult following of Troll 2 over a decade after the release of the movie. It goes on interviewing different stars of the film and what they are doing with their life now and how the filming of Troll 2 has impacted their lives to date.

I absolutely loved the fact that a documentary was made about Troll 2, I have been huge into B and lower horror films. Troll 2 sits next to my copy of Attack of the Killer Clowns from Outer space and Howard the Duck, if you know either of those movies you will understand how to react to Troll 2. This film goes into showing where some of the cast came from, including a person who was on day leave from a Mental Institution in Utah and would go to Park City, UT to participate in creating the film. The interview with him goes on with him saying that he was not actually acting in the film, but instead held animosity towards the boy child star and had deranged thought process that fueled his genuine character (General Store Owner). Some of the cast goes around the country for special viewing of the movie by Cult followers. I have to admit I fell in love with hysterical laughing at Troll 2, but this documentary gave me the back story and the weird details of how and why it came to be the legend that it is.Image


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