Pitch Perfect (2012)

Pitch Perfect (2012) PosterDirector: Jason Moore
Synopsis: There is a girl by the name Beca who goes to Barden University. When she moves into her dorm she joins a club called The Bella’s which is a all girls singing group. The Bella’s are trying to win another singing groups that is made up from guys.
Review: What i liked about this movie is that it was hilarious! This movie kind of seemed like high school musical because of all the singing. If you’re into movies that have a lot of singing then this is a great choice in movie. There was one charterer by the name Fat Amy who is the funniest person there. She makes the movie more awesome than it already was. Also there was an Asian girl that was part of The Bella’s as well was a creepy little girl who whispered everything she said. It was so quiet that the audience can barely hear but when you do hear, you’re either dead from laughing so hard or you’re getting to that point. The way the movie was put together was great. They had a lot of comedy in there. There was also a little bit of romance between some people. I would say that there is drama almost in each scene. This movie is more for the mature audience unless you want your children to be awkwardly sitting there with you. The singing parts during the movie isn’t  the boring ones like in other movies but it is rather more entertaining and gets you dancing to the beat. All the characters that are part of The Bella’s are different and that is what makes this film a great one! I would definitely recommend this. It is so great that i have to re-watch it. 



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