Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Director – Tetsuya Nomura
Takeshi Nozue

Synopsis – For this week’s blog entry, I am reviewing the 3D animation film “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children”. I am writing about this movie mainly for its look and sound, you aren’t really going to find that great of a story hear. And if you do, you probably played the Playstation video game that this movie follows. The story starts 2 years after the video game ends where Cloud Strife is still struggling with the death of Aeris Ganisborough. With the sudden appearance of clones of Sephiroth, the main villain from the video game, Cloud and his team must deal with the havoc they cause.

Review – This movie was released in 2005 and at that time the 3D animation was considered some of the best, and still looks good to this day. Some of the music was taken and redone from the video game it is based on, Final Fantasy VII. This gives it a nostalgic feel for most of the viewers who have played the game. Considering the video game as tons of battles in it, so does this movie, I’d say half of it is fight scenes. But that is OK for me, I get to see some of my favorite videos games in high res 3D doing stuff I could only imagine due to the video game technology of when the game was released. I really enjoyed watching this movie due to me liking the video game so much, I will find myself skipping through the movie just to watch action scenes.


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