Despicable Me (2010)

Directors: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud

Synopsis: despicable me is about a criminal guys who is trying to steal the moon. He is against another guy who is also trying to steal the moon. In order for the criminal to get it, he adopts three girls for his plan. His plans and himself change while the girls are living with him.

Review: I really enjoyed this animation film! It is a combination of comedy, action, drama, and a little bit of sadness. The main character was probably the funniest after his workers, the minions. The minions were little short, chubby yellow animation characters that love bananas. They are just hilarious to watch! Gru is a character that reminds me a lot of my older brother and for me personally, makes it more entertaining to watch him act in the film. There are also the three girls that were adopted. Each one of them were different in many ways. Since they were different, it reminds is of many people that may act the same way. I think that for the most part, the story really touches the audience. The story starts out with a man who is selfish, mean, and a criminal. The fact that he adopted three girls just so he can use them for his evil plan and then return them, was just cruel and heartbreaking. As the story progresses he starts to change because he can see that these three little girls love him. In the end, instead of returning them to the orphanage home, he keeps them because they changed him into a better person. This film is one that will be cherish by anyone. Soon there is going to be Despicable Me 2 out in theaters, I’m sure that it will be even better! 


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