Jack Reacher (2012)

Director: Christopher McQuarrie

Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) is a retired or more like a well decorated-veteran who decided to live his life the way he wanted after serving in the U.S. military. A person from his past, James Barr (Joseph Sikora) gets into trouble, supposedly murdering five people. Reacher knows that something wasn’t right. Throughout the movie he tries to make sense of what happened vs. what it should’ve been. The plot thickens even more when he finds evidence leading to a web of steps being covered by someone who is either close or related to the leading lady, Helen (Rosamund Pike), the daughter of the District Attorney Rodin (Richard Jenkins) whom is in charge of Barr’s case—that would put him behind bars. Reacher gets involved further while Barr was in a coma and tries to put the pieces together as to who is really to blame.

The movie was action packed and had a lot of ingenious moves that I haven’t seen in other movies. Tom Cruises’ character looked very normal, no need to wear camouflages here even though his character apparently served in the military. He was very smooth and precise with his combat moves. It was almost a cross between Jacki Chan and Jason Statham. But no suits here either! He is just all about taking care of business where it needs attention! He doesn’t miss a beat. I’m thrilled to see Tom Cruise in other movies besides another Mission Impossible, however, because I associate him to Ethan Hunt, I’m almost bored of seeing him in actions movies overall. I think he’s played the masculinity persona a little too much, what else can he do? I know he’s charming, all the ladies loved him in Jerry Maguire (1996), so besides that, can I request for him to do different genres of film?

But in case you haven’t seen the movie trailer for the movie, check it out!


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