The Oranges (2011)

The Oranges (2011)

Director:  Julian Farino

Synopsis:  Two families who are very close for several years have their relationship strained when an affair happens between the young adult daughter of one family and the father of the other.

Review:  In this movie, two families live across the street from each other in New Jersey for years and are very close.  The 24 year old daughter from one family, Nina, comes home to recover from a bad breakup and ends up falling for her dad’s best friend (and father of her former best friend), who is the neighbor across the street.

Nina and her new boyfriend David end up telling the two families about their newfound love and it tears everyone up, but they are having fun and don’t really care.  They fought it at first but it just didn’t work.  There is one scene where Nina sneaks off to meet David at a motel and her mom follows her and catches them both there.  It’s very comical.

Meanwhile, the other daughter, Vanessa, is struggling with her own dreams and not meeting her own expectations.  David’s wife moves out of the house into a bed and breakfast and instead of renting just one room, she rents the whole inn just to get back at David since he is the one paying for it.  At the end of the movie, she goes by the house and drives her car up on the lawn and mows down all of the hideous Christmas decorations over and over again, and then walks in the house as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

David ends up alone but makes up with his best friend, Nina decides that she wants to find out who she is all by herself, and David’s wife finds a humanitarian cause to dedicate herself to.  Vanessa finally moves out and finds her dream job.


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