Sarah Butterfield Intro

Hello my name is Sarah Butterfield. My favorite types of movies are definitely the sci-fi genre. When I was little me, my dad, and my siblings went to the movies a lot. We loved movies like Blade Runner, Running Man, Predator, Terminator, I guess anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it-my dad was a real deal ’80’s guy. Those are some of my fondest memories, so picking one favorite movie or director is tough for me. I can say that The Dark Crystal would be right up there as a fav and John Waters Cry Baby.  Newer stuff I love the Dark night trilogy and I think that Robert Rodriguez is so creative and daring.

I really like any genre of film and even though I am a graphic designer, not a film student I feel like I really appreciate the art of filmmaking and carry a nostalgic feeling when watching movies.


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