Get Low, 2009

Directed  by Aaron Schneider, 2009

Starring Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Bill Murray

Get Low Trailer

“Get Low” is a term the main character of the story, Felix (Robert Duvall) uses to describe his death.  The movie begins with a scene of a burning house with a figure escaping covered in flames.  This scene is not explained until the end of the movie.  The story  reveals where it is going a little at a time. Felix is a hermit. Children fear him.  He hears of a contemporarie’s death with stoicism. He goes to town and skillfully defends himself when treatened. He visits a church and wants to arrange for his own funeral, and have it held while he is alive and in attendance himself.  The story is revealed piece by piece until all the puzzle is together and you say “Ah! now I get it!”

Robert Duvall shows his Uncle Hub personality from Second Hand Lions, Sissy Spacek plays a romantic interest from his past,  Bill Murray plays the funeral home director that you are not too sure you can trust. Lucas Black does a wonderful job as Bill Murray’s protoge’.

I enjoyed watching the actors interact with each other, loved Robert Duvall’s and Bill Murray’s characters, and I especially enjoyed how the director and editor kept the story moving, keeping my attention by revealing just a little at a time, and making me think  “What does this mean? What is going to happen next?” instead of explaining everything to me.

The movie was shot in a linear fashion, with occasional spoken flashbacks.  Very much in the realist style, with no extraordinary special effects or stunts, with the draw of the movie being the drama between the characters rather than any flashy action.  I usually abhor dramas, but the characters, intrigue, and black humor (Bill Murray is in it after all) forced me to sit and watch it.


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