Week 2- The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

Director- Brad Furman

The Lincoln Lawyer is about a lawyer in Los Angeles who works out of the back of his old Lincoln car for his office, hence the name of the movie. He works with high crime cases and is asked to be the lawyer of a spoiled, rich 32 year old from Beverly Hills. The man is on trial for the alleged beating of a prostitute. The lawyer has previously sent someone to prison for the murder of a prostitute and the crimes look closely related. It is a very tense movie with lots of detail.

I loved this movie, I have seen it multiple times and decided to watch it again this week. Not only do I love Mathew Mcconaughey (?) but he is great in this movie, not just the typical surfer dude with his shirt off. Although, yes ladies, he did take his shirt off at one point. This movie had enough action in it without being pure explosions and stuff. I liked the plot of the movie as well, it had a lot of twists in it but not so many that it made it hard to follow. I love that in the end it doesn’t turn out how you thought it was going to in the beginning. This is one of those movies that has enough going on in it that I am able to watch it multiple times without becoming bored. I also liked the family aspect of this movie, usually movies are a love story or a completely broken family, but this had a happy medium. It wasn’t too sappy but wasn’t heartbreaking as far as the family aspect goes. 


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