“The Call” review

Directed by:  Brad Anderson

The Call is about an experienced 911 phone operator that looses her confidence after a teenage girl is kidnapped and killed while on the phone with her.  She decides to start training operators after that because she partially blames herself.  While in a training session she helps out out during a call, but gets drawn in as it is similar to the one that changed her life.  The rest of the movie is full of suspense as her and the police try to piece together clues to find the new kidnapped girl, all the while she is on the phone with the 911 operator.

I was reluctant to rent this movie thinking it was pretty much explained in the previews and would be a waste of time.  The movie was very well done and kept me on the edge of my seat.  They did a good job of making you feel the stress of the kidnapped girl in the trunk as well as the 911 operator.  There was a couple scenes in the end that reminded me of your classic horror movie where you slap yourself in the head, thinking “why would you do that”.  Aside from those, I thought it was really well done.  Halle Berry had a great performance and so did the teenage girl.  The editing had a lot of quick cuts and kept you anticipating the next scene.


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