Along Came A Spider

Along Came A Spider 2001                                                       Image

Directed by:Lee Tamahori

Writers: James Patterson(Novel)  Marc Moss(screenplay)

Starring: Morgan Freeman, Monica Potter, and Michael Wincott


Synopsis:  A girl is kidnapped from a school by one of the teachers (Gary Soneji). She turns out to be the daughter of a senator, and the kidnapper soon makes a call to a police officer (Alex Cross) whose partner died eight months ago, involving him in the kidnapping. Cross is aided by the secret service agent who was assigned to protect the girl. But there’s a lot more going on in this story.

  To start I’ve read this book along with all the other Alex Cross Novels and am a big fan of James Patterson. It is one of those movies where if you walk away for two minutes, you probably missed something important. At times this movie will have you on the edge of your seat, the only flaw that I have with the movie is the decision to use special effects in the first few minutes of the movie. These special effects with the car were not very “special” at all. Fortunately, this only occurred in this one scene.  Morgan Freeman is great as always, and I really love to see him in the role of Alex Cross. In my opinion “Kiss The Girls” is the better of the two Alex Cross movies that I’ve seen. Overall I would say this could be a movie that everyone would enjoy watching.  


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