Why We Fight – 2005

Why We Fight – Directed by Eugene Jarecki

Why We Fight is a documentary filmed in 2005 investigating the United States and what our interests are in the wars we fight in; with particular focus on the Iraqi war. It jumps around from WWII to Vietnam, to the war on terrorism and the Iraqi war. You get an insight into political reasoning, personal reasoning, and a history of what we as a nation have always thought. The film starts with a retired NYPD officer, Wilton Sezker, who lost a son in one of the twin towers, and actually saw it collapsing as he was on a train into the city. As a side story we follow his journey to do something in memory of his son that he thinks would make his son proud. You are given a glimpse of several presidents and their stance on war and how they felt it best to be fought and why; but there is more information given about President Dwight D. Eisenhower. There is an in depth look at what fuels our desire to fight in wars, is it due to an attack on our nation, is it a desire to be the police of our world, or is it more to do with money and how wars actually employ millions of Americans.

This movie I have to say was very hard for me to watch, and I actually had to walk away several times due to absolute disgust. Although much of what I learned from it is not a shock, just so sad that I was proven right in my beliefs. There is little back story given about WWII, we all know what it was about, and I think it is undisputed that there was good cause for it, should we have interjected ourselves as we had? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I do agree with the war. I remember in history class my teacher informed us that the major reason our nation was able to get out of the great depression was due to WWII, and all the jobs it created, through weapons manufacturing, apparel for the service mean and many other items.  As this film mostly focuses on the Iraqi war, this is where most of my disgust came from. Through this film it is brought very clearly to the attention of the viewer that there is no justifiable reason for this war. The government I believes tries to put a veil over our eyes, and disguise the true reason for many of the wars we have fought in recent years. Wilton Sekzer was able to achieve his goal in doing something in memory for his son, and then watches a speech were President Bush explains that the war on Terrorism for 9/11 has nothing to do with the war on Iraq; at which point Sekzer was infuriated. Had he known this information he would not have wanted to accomplish what he did, he as well as much of our nation had always been under the impression that these two wars were one. At the end of this film you understand that the reason we fight today is due to our nation becoming a Military-Industrial Complex, a term created by President Eisenhower. We fight because with war we are able to generate new weapons, employ millions, and make many large corporations richer. These corporations by the way that had many influences in congress. Through this film you see that these precision airstrikes are a crock of bull, within the first six months of the Iraqi war we conducted 50 of these attacks, none of which hit their intended target. Another disheartening fact is that 90% of the people in an Iraqi morgue are civilians. We do not fight to protect, we pick out a country, claim that we will liberate their people, and fund U.S. corporations with millions of dollars. It is sick, I believe every American should view this film to get a clear head on how our government has skewed our vision on what is good.


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