Moonrise Kingdom


Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Directed by: Wes Anderson

So I watched Moonrise Kingdom lately and It follows the story of a small island that has something very strange and out of order happen. Honestly I really liked this movie. It is about two “troubled children” who happen to run into each other at a play. Basically it was puppy love at first sight. They eventually started writing and eventually Sam (the boyscout) decides to send Suzy(his lover) a detailed instruction and map to meet him so they can run away together and live in the wilderness. Once they go missing the whole island is struggling to find them. They contact Sam’s foster parents and they say that they do not want him back. He has just caused to much trouble. During the time that they’re escaping together a storm is approaching which adds a lot of dramatic effect. Eventually the Sheriff played by Bruce Willis takes Sam in and he gets to live on the island and see his Suzy regularly. The film was shot to look grainy to give it that 1960’s feel. I have never scene a movie shot by this director but after this Id definitely watch another one of his films. Id have to say I loved all of the landscape shots/ scenes.  It had that warm feeling that fall was approaching and summer was ending. Mainly I liked this film cause it made you want to be a kid again. Doing something adventurous and stupid with so much confidence. Trying to act like a “adult” while still being so childish.


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