The Impossible review

The Impossible (2012)

Director:  Juan Antonio Bayona

The Impossible is the true story of the 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean told through the eyes of one family.  It shows the events that happen between their plane ride there to start a vacation to the plane ride home.

I thought this film was well done and really opens your eyes to how intense it would have been anywhere in that madness.  They did a great job of getting my blood pumping with the waves consuming the tourist resorts in the beginning.  The real life effects were amazing and looked just liked any of the footage of the actual event.  I was really drawn into the characters and I think it would be hard for anyone not to get a little emotional during the craziness this family, and all the others that had to suffer through.  I’d love to go into more details but it would be really easy to spoil this certain parts of this movie.  All I can say is that I definitely recommend it.



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