Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

Directed By: Sam Rami

I saw this in the theater and very soon after the opening I decided I would purchase it.  (Yes, I still use DVD’s, I am behind the times)

The movie is a prequel to “the Wizard of OZ.”  The story begins in black and white with Oz (Oswald), a sideshow magician in a circus being carried in his hot air ballon by a tornado into the Technicolor land of Oz.  His adventures begin as he meets one witch after another and has to figure out who are the good witches, who are the bad witches, and also who he himself is.  They all believe him to be a genuine wizard, and much of his task is keeping the illusion up in order to not only save himself from the wicked witch , but the citizens of Oz as well.

I have loved “the Wizard of Oz” since I have been a kid, faithfully watching it  when it was televised annually.   ” Oz the Great and Powerful” occasionally drags, but overall it ties in well with its counterpart, and doesn’t take the time to explain every subtle reference to its counterpart.  The CGI is well done, perhaps a bit over the top, but tolerable nonetheless. 

My son states it is a difficult movie to watch with constantly hearing the voice of Meg from “Family Guy.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DylgNj4YQVc   (click or paste and copy to watch trailer)



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