The Forsyte Saga 2002

The Forsyte Saga (directed by Christopher Menaul) is an epic tale of love lost, found and everything in between. It’s a coming of age story of the Forsyte clan, an aristocratic family which begins in Victorian England and ends just as the roaring twenties are closing out. The story intertwines many threads spanning several generations. As the families up and comers attempt to throw off the yokes of the last generations mistakes, they create new dramas and we we watch as some past mistakes are repeated, and some amended.

I love historical dramas and time pieces, and I thoroughly enjoyed The Forsyte Saga. This story contains all of the dramatic aspects one could want such as intrigue, obsession, family politics, power, rivalries, alliances made and lost – and of course love. It is rich in generational, social and historical perspectives and details.  The miniseries is based on The Forsyte Saga written by  John Galsworthy and published in three volumes from 1906 – 1920.


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