Won’t Back Down

Won’t Back down 2012

Directed by Daniel Barnz



If I had a child I would be fighting along side everyone in “Won’t back down.”  This movie was truly inspirational and did a good job of showing the difficulties in a school from the perspective of parents, children, teachers, and school districts.  Although the movie leaned towards non-union schools, it made sure to protect the foundation of unions and helped me understand both the good and bad a union can create in a school.  The main character, Jamie Fitzpatrick, played by Maggie Gyllenhall, was full of energy and determination and was a great blend of a loving mother and an overworked lower class woman struggling in society.

I did think she was overly positive and pushy about her stance on education but appreciated her back story.  The other main character, Nona Alberts, played by Viola Davis, was truly amazing. You could tell that her spark for teaching was a small ember but not completely extinguished and as the thought of a new school started to take shape her energy began to increase and her excitement about teaching began to come back.  The performance by both of these women were outstanding.

This movie is definitely a drama but it is loosely based on a true story about a the Parent Trigger action where parents can actually take their children out of Public school and set up charter schools if a vast majority to do not feel their students are getting the proper education.  The movie was very inspirational and did a great job at pulling at the heartstrings and understanding the importance of quality education.








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