Welcome to the Punch (2013)

Directed by:  Eran Creevy

This was a movie about a detective that has a vendetta to catch a criminal years after getting shot in the leg by him while coming close to catching the whole crew during a big robbery.  The Criminal resurfaces from hiding when his son gets shot and killed after getting mixed up with some dangerous people.  A classic detective verses master criminal story that takes some twists of police corruption and not knowing whose side to choose.

I thought the movie was entertaining, but not exactly one that’s going to stick with you.  It had some good action scenes and well filmed night shots but I’m not sure the high contrast over saturated blue tint was the best choice to be so constant throughout the whole movie.  The young detective is played well by James McAvoy, and he did a good job of getting the audience feeling his pain.  The criminal was played by Mark strong, who in my opinion, should get more work as an actor.  These two actors on the cover is the reason why I decided to swipe my card through the Redbox that night.  Overall I think it is a perfect example of editing a movie too dark and making the whole thing a little bland.


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