GI Joe – Retaliation review

GI Joe – Retaliation (2013)

Directed by: Jon M. Chu
Retaliation is an Action Sci-Fi film based off the GI Joe’s we used to play with as kids.  It’s a sequel to Rise of the Cobra.  The film Shows the leaders of the GI Joe’s enemies, The Cobras being, in a special prison while the Joe’s are carrying out missions.  Soon everything gets turned upside down, and they are fighting to restore their name and save the planet.  There is a new cast of main characters as The Rock and Bruce Willis are now running the show.
I must say, this is way better than the first one.  The first improvement that stood out to me is that the acting quality was really stepped up a notch.  There was a lot of action, as I suspected, but each scene seemed to be better choreographed and not as cheesy as the first one.  The Rock did a great job as the new main character.  They must have decided that there needed to be some serious changes made in order to do a sequel that would be successful.  Not to knock the first one too much, but I think there was lot of disappointed GI Joe fans after seeing it.  In my opinion, this sequel should be called Redemption instead of Retaliation.  Not really, but it is definitely a movie worth watching.

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