Memento (2000)


Directed by Christopher Nolan


This film follows a man who is trying to find out who killed his wife, so he can get revenge. The problem is that ever since she died, he has no short term memory. He has to take notes on everything; who people are, what he needs to be doing, and who he can trust. He finds the killer of his wife, and takes care of him early on in the movie, but then reverses the story and tells how he got to that point. Some of the things I really enjoyed during watching this film were the creative ways to differentiate what is current, in the past or a moment that is still being explained. There are a few scenes that are constantly black & white, one that shows a moment before he lost his memory, and one that is happening at another time.

I enjoyed the directing style a lot, and while the story line is intriguing, I think it could have been executed a little better. It can get dry at times, and the main actor is a little one dimensional at times. However, this works for his character because he’s in a permanent fog based on his condition.


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