A Walk To Remember (2002)


Director: Adam Shankman

A Walk to Remember is another movie based on the novel of Nicholas Sparks that I love.  This is a love story of school outcast Jammie Sallivan, preacher’s daughter, and a bad boy, Landon Carter. Coming from  absolutely different backgrounds and surroundings, these two are becoming a part of a very sad yet hopeful love-story.  Jamie is a Christian who actually manages not to look evil, one-dimensional, hypocritical, or silly. She is set on the principles she grew up with and gains viewers respect as she doesn’t seems to care what other “cool kids” think of her.  Landon, even though he plays hard to get and bit annoying, is actually pretty smart kid with ethics and goals in life.

The actual storyline of the movie is fairly-predictable, “Romeo and Juliet” type of plot. I’s also sugar-coated a bit to make it sweet and easy on the eye. Some scenes (many) lack of actual life edge. I take it that this movie was mostly made for high-school age with all the romance, music, singing (“everyone can be a star” type of thing), innocence, and simplicity.
But at the end I enjoyed the movie a lot. It made me cry. I mean, the story makes you believe that this love could be possible and it makes you feel bittersweet in a good and bad way 🙂 The real star of “A Walk to Remember” for me is Mandy Moore who not only looks like a good church going girl but has a very natural air about her performance as if she’s not actually acting but living the role. It’s this and that she is quite adorable, with a voice of an angel that makes her performance stand out and turns “A Walk to Remember” from being an unmemorable movie to one which has its moments.

2 responses to “A Walk To Remember (2002)

  1. I agree. This is the movie that introduced me to Mandy Moore and I was in complete awe of her in this role. And she still maintains an air of innocence today even though she has probably seen a thing or two in Hollywood.

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