Star Trek: First Contact

The evil Borq return and invade Federation space with the intent on changing earths history.  Captain Picard and his crew must once again face the unstoppable enemy that they have stopped on at least one other occasion.   Thrust back in time to a pivotal moment in earths history can the crew stop the borq from destroying the future.

The film stars Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard and marks the big screen directorial debut of Johnathan Frakes.

This film is considered the best of the TNG casts movies.  It is set up as an action thriller set at a fast pace.  The film marks the coming of age of Patrick Stewart as a leading man in Hollywood.  He puts in a breath taking performance of a tortured hero out for revenge on the borq. 

The directorial debut of Johnathan Frakes is an amazing job.  The tone and the suspense are filmed superbly.  One particular scene splits of two groups of officers awaiting battle, it shows them at different shots using different music to entwine the scene and create great suspense. 

The film is split of into two stories.  The action sequences and morality of the film are based on the Enterprise ship that is locked in battle with the Borq.  The second story of the film is set on earth and revolves around the crew trying to keep history on track.

The film has undertones of Moby Dick in which Ahab will destroy himself for revenge on the whale.  Captain Picard is so embittered and obsessed with revenge on the Borq, it consumes him and nearly destroys him.  He takes the ship to the brink of destruction and with it any hope for the future.

Sits among the best Star Trek movies from any of the cast.  The success of this movie is what led the newest Star Trek films to be straight action movies.


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