RADIO (2003)

RADIO (2003)

Mike Tollin – Director, Producer

Starring  Cuba Gooding, Jr. , Ed Harris , Alfre Woodard

James Robert Kennedy a mentally challenged young black man, who in the mid 1970s spent his afternoons walking past the local high school football field in the small town of Anderson, South Carolina.  Nicknamed “Radio” because of his vintage radio collection and his love of music  is a loner in Anderson, South Carolina, pushing his grocery cart up and down the streets. He speaks to no one and is rarely spoken to, until one day, Coach Harold Jones , one of the town’s most respected men and coach of the popular high school football team, befriends him. Radio is suspicious at first. But Coach Jones is persistent, even enlisting the help of Radio’s mother. Jones’ friends and family are taken aback as well since, until he met Radio, all his energies were poured exclusively into football. Slowly, Coach Jones earns Radio’s trust and opens up a new world to him. He invites Radio to help out at football practice and during games and to sit in on his classes at school, despite the initial misgivings of Principal Daniels.

I really enjoyed Radio and think it was one of the nicest movies I have seen. I think it a movie for everyone and teaches many lessons about life. I was also amazed to find out that the move was based on a real man. With all the tough road blocks Radio came across he continued to move forward even though the future was uncertain and he didn’t have the mental capacity to understand much around him! I thought that Cuba Gooding Jr. played this role tremendously. I also thought Ed Harris played an incredible role as the coach. This movie really moved me and made my laugh and ultimately feel good at the end! What a movie!


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