The Impossible

The Impossible, 2012

Directed by J.A. Bayona




The movie “The Impossible” seems like a movie that was impossible to make.  The scenes are still burned into my mind and I have to wonder in amazement and awe at how the director was able to re-create such a horrific event.  This movie was about the Tsunami that struck Thailand in 2004.  It is a true story that focuses on a tourist family that was staying at a resort on the ocean.  When the Tsunami hit the family was literally torn apart.  The giant waves tore down street poles and palm trees, and the devastation the tsunami left in its wake was incomprehensible.

The story is about the adventure and struggle each member of this family goes through as they try to find each other again amidst the chaos of the aftermath.  This movie is a must see.  Not only for the genuine story that it re-tells but also for the surreal scenes that depict the power and devastation of Mother Nature.






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