Oblivion is a Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Action film based on Earth in 2077.  The human species has gone to war with aliens and half the planet had been destroyed.  There is a huge mothership hovering in the atmosphere that supposedly has most of the remaining human population, with some techs living down on smaller ships closer to Earth monitoring these drones and huge machines that are processing the water for the humans move to “Titan”, a moon that will be their new home.  The main tech has doubts and questions about the operation and their history since the mandatory memory wipe 5 years earlier.  Every things unfolds with a great twist.

I want to start off by saying that this is one of the best Sci-Fi movies I’ve seen in a while.  The 3d artists must have spent strenuous amounts of time in Maya creating all the scenery for this new world that contains our countries famous monuments buried and half destroyed.  The acting by Tom Cruise as the main character was also up to par with some great action stunts too.  The script was well written and never left me feeling bored with that familiar feeling of knowing what kind of movie it is and what kind of scene is coming up next.  The sound production was great with all the original computer sounds coming from the drones.  I could tell they spent some time finding the perfect sounds to make them sound like some useful space age machines but also menacing at the same time.  After this weeks lecture and studying up on sound design, I definitely noticed things like the conversation in the mini space station switched from close to far camera angles without having the volume of their voices change.  Things like that are starting to stand out to me and should help me in my own video editing.  I definitely recommend this film to anyone who appreciates a good movie.


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