The Host

I will start by mentioning that I do not like sci-fi productions. However, the 2 movies I really enjoyed were Oblivion and The Host. I already saw a post about Oblivion so I decided to talk about The Host. I wasn’t really impressed when I saw the trailer. I thought it was just another cheesy love story in a post apocalyptic era. I was proven wrong and I finished the movie feeling satisfied and not sorry that I spent 2 hours watching it.

The action takes place on Earth after the alien invasion. These aliens are said to know no evil and to be unable to do evil. They want to stop the human population from fighting and doing evil to each other. That’s the reason why they capture humans and inject them with a new soul that usually comes from a different planet. As the soul is immortal, it can live thousands of years in different bodies. In the movie, most of the Earth’s population is already injected with the new souls so they are aliens. However, there’s a small group of refugees and the girl that plays the main character is one of them…until she gets captured. Her old soul doesn’t die and it’s interesting to see the dialogue between the old soul and the new one and how they help each other though the end. The love story is believable and beautiful, not cheesy as I initially thought.

I would recommend this movie to anyone, even if they don’t like sfi-fi like me. It’s an amazing model of acceptance and kindness and also learning to love the ones that might seem different but aren’t actually much different than we are.


Thank you.


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