Week 2 (2013) I AM

                    I AM   Director Tom Shadyac  Documentary

I AM by director Tom Shadyac is a discussion about his journey after a serious bicycle accident he suffered. This accident caused him to suffer a severe concussion with mild amnesia that ultimately caused a depression episode lasting several months. After he felt recovered enough his experience caused him to go upon a journey of sorts and seek out scientists, psychologists and religious leaders to help him answer the hard questions about life. What is happiness? How do we obtain this illusive concept? How do we keep it? How can we share it? Ultimately is there a way to fix the unhappiness of society as a whole? The movie was told with narration by Tom Shadyac and is kept rather light hearten despite the importance of the subject manner.

Personally I greatly enjoyed this movie, not only was it done in a light hearten manner but it also had such great information to share. Not only did Tom Shadyac direct and narrate the movie but he told it from the first person point of view. Opening up to the audience and sharing such a vulnerable piece of ones life is amazing, however also admitting to suffering from depression which seems to be such a taboo in our culture can and is a hard thing to do. Not only did he takes us on the journey of his sadness but he annualized subjectively why his old way of thinking led to this great sadness and not just the accident. I believe that even though somewhere deep down we realize the accumulation of stuff will not be what brings us happiness our American culture seems to be doomed to try to find happiness in that matter repeatedly and usually without fail with no success.

Humans being the social creatures by nature by design need the interactions with our peers. In this time of social media, video games, and couches we seem to forget that there is a world outside our doors and perhaps we should interact with it physically. Not only receiving more time with nature but also with family and friends face to face.

I know for our culture the time of charity falls around the holidays, however as we see in this movie perhaps the extension of this charity year round will not only do good for our fellow man but also for our own well being.

In conclusion I would strongly recommend this movie to anyone.



2 responses to “Week 2 (2013) I AM

  1. Anna where did you hear about this movie? It sounds inspiring. As a human myself who has experienced the ups and downs of life I always am heartened by someone who steps out and tells their own story of difficulties faced. I will put it on my list. Hope you are well!

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