Courageous (2011)

Courageous (2011)

Alex Kendrick


The movie I watched this week was “Courageous”. My sister saw it when it came out and she kept bugging me to go and see it. I finally decided to watch it and I can say it was worth it. I liked everything about that movie. I cried and laughed and had a good time. The movie is about fathers and how crucial their role is for every family. The main characters are a few Christian guys who work as law enforcement officers. They bring in every week at least a couple of gang members that are involved in drug dealing. They decide that the leading cause for children joining gangs and destroying their lives is the missing fathers. Kids grow up and they have their mother’s love surrounding them but there is absolute need of a father as a role model in the family. After a tragic moment in one of the families, the four officers realize they don’t want to be “good enough” fathers and husbands anymore so they take action and make a decision that will change their lives forever.

 I liked the movie because it was faith-based and also because it teaches something. I believe that a lot of fathers took the decision to change their view of the family and take full responsibility for their children and wives. I also liked the movie because it presents realistic situations. I am sure that at least one family that watched the movie lost a child in a way or another and they had to learn how to cope with it. Also, I’m sure that people could relate to the situation when Shane Fuller made the same decision and promised the same thing as the others but his heart was not entirely honest so he ended up badly. Not once did we make decisions to be better, to change and then we forgot about it and everything was down the drain after a few weeks. The movie is a faith lesson and an encouragement for the fathers that haven’t been role models for their children, which, let’s be honest, most of fathers would fall into this category. I liked how every family trusted God in at least one matter of their lives throughout the movie. Also, it’s inspiring to hear how Nathan Hays talks to his daughter when he takes her out to the fancy restaurant. He assures her he wants whatever is best for her and he gives her a promise ring that “will be one day replaced by your wedding ring”, as he says. It was touching. The whole story is amazing and I would recommend it to everyone.

The director, Alex Kendrick, is also known as a Christian actor. He also directed the well-known movie about marriage, “Fireproof” and other movies like “Facing the Giants”. All of them are lessons from which all of us can learn something. 


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