David Webster

           The movie I chose to review this week is the movie Gravity, by director Alfonso Couaron. An example of Couarons other work includes, Children Of Men, And Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban. Alfonso Couaron is personally one of my favorite directors working in film today, because it seems that each film he releases is better than the last film that he put out.

           Gravity is simply a story of an astronaut, and a scientist who are fixing a sattelite in space end up getting caught in a storm of debris which in turn leaves them stranded in space. So the basic premise of this film is how are  these two astronauts going to survive. This may seem like a a pretty simple plot, but this film was one of the most intense 90 minute movie experiences that I have had in a good long while.

          This film is now probably my favorite movie that deals with astronauts in space. First of all is the way that space is protrayed in this film, it actually felt like that i was  up in space with these two characters. The dead quietness and the vast scale of nothingness  in outer space made me feel a bit of actual anxiety. I am generally not a big fan of CGI, but this is the best use of it that I have seen for a while in a film. I was also very drawn in to what these two characters were experiencing so much to the point that it was pretty easy for me to imagine how terrified these characters must have been in a couple of scenes. It made me shudder to think about being out in the darkness of space with no one else around. George Clooney performance of cool headed Astronaut Matt Kowalski was a little more fleshed out than some of his other characters he has played as of late. Sandra Bullocks character Ryan Stone  a Medical engineer was so much better than anything els se I have ever seen her do.  I also think that the 90 minute running time was an appropriate length for this film. The 90 minutes that the film had kept the pacing move right along, as a matter of fact the movie even seemed shorter. This is now officially my favorite film that Alfonso Couran has directed as of yet. I am a Big fan of Children Of Men, And the third Harry Potter movie, but Gravity is nothing short of a masterpiece.


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