“Desert Heat” Starring Jean Claude Van-Damn and directed by John G. Avildsen



Desert Heat” also known as “Inferno” was made in 1999 starring Jean Claude Van-Damme and Danny Trejo. This movie had really low ratings at the box office, but do not let that stop you from watching it. Eddie Lomax (Van-Damme) tries to commit suicide in the middle of the desert because he has pretty much lost his way, until three bad guys drove up and made it a homicide taking his motorcycle and his gun. An Indian named Johnny Six Toes (Trejo) finds Lomax on the desert ground shot multiple times, so he takes him to his home and heals him. So after Lomax has recovered he leaves in search for his stolen things only to find that the three boys who shot and mugged him are scamming the nearby town. He then helps them by seeking revenge. I hope you are intrigued to watch it, not just because it is starring Jean Claude Van-Damme, but because it really is a fascinating movie and it is full of action. 


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