The Last Holiday (2006)

The Last Holiday directed by Wayne Wang is a story about an ordinary sales associate that works at a department store who lives her life in a shell. She has dreams of living a better life as a chef. One day, after bumping her head at work, she is sent to the health center of her department store where the doctor runs a CAT scan on her. She is then wrongly diagnosed of having brain tumors and is told she only has a couple of weeks to live. She then quits her job, liquidates her assets and decides to take a luxurious vacation to the grand Hotel Pupp. During her vacation, she lives her life to the fullest and does everything and anything she never thought she would do capturing not only the staff of the hotel’s attention but the senator of her state, congressman and the man who owns the department store she had worked at himself. Her crush at home finds out why she had quit her job and went missing and decides to travel to bring her back. While the doctor finds out the malfunction of the CAT scan and tries to contact her. In the end, she lived her life and did things she could only dream of doing and learns the truth and finds love with her crush. They both return home and open up a restaurant and pretty much lives happily ever after.

Searching through movies to watch on Netflix like any other day, I came across this movie in the comedy section. In all honesty, the title of the movie captured my interest because the holidays are right around the corner and the title, well, is named, The Last Holiday! I highly recommend this movie. What I like most about it is the main character. She lives an ordinary life just like the rest of us working a regular job. I can relate to her in the means of being shy and unpretentious. In the remainder of the time she believes she only has to live, she breaks out of her shell and dives head in, into her dreams of traveling, eating succulent meals prepared by a world renown chef and so on. In the end, although she finds out she really doesn’t have tumors and that she will live, she goes for her dream of being a chef and opens up a restaurant of her own and lives her life the way she always wanted to. No longer shy and more ambitious by the side of her crush. This romantic comedy is definitely one of my new favorite movies to watch.


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