World War Z

  I watched World War Z, Directed by Marc Forster. This movie is based on the book World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Gerry Lane, ex United Nations employee/stay at home dad, begins his day making a pancake breakfast for his wife and two daughters. During the short ride through the city to take his kids to school it becomes apparent that all is not right in the world. In a few short minutes the warm peaceful family scene is no more and chaos reigns. A Pandemic zombie virus is consuming mankind. Gerry’s family is in the center of the fray. Now Gerry is on the mission of his life, traveling around the globe to find the origin of the virus and learn how to stop it, protect his family and mankind.

These are not the Zombies of the past these are the new and improved, turbo version of the walking dead. Easily irritated by noise and faster dead than they ever were alive, these zombies were terrifying. The juxtaposition of the dark suspenseful scenes of Gerry and is cohorts creeping around trying to go undetected against the bright urgency of the feeding frenzy was notable. Once it is determined that noise is what sets of the zombies every sound becomes magnified. The odd raptor like screeches are so very inhuman it is unsettling. The movie did stray from the book, like most book based movies do, but all in all I’m glad I watched it. With Halloween upon us I’m sure I will be thinking of this movie while trick or treating with the little ones.



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