Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

This week I watched, Oz the Great and Powerful.  Directed by Sam Raimi.  With the exception of the first 10 minutes the story takes place in the fictional Land of Oz.  As the prequel to the wonderful wizard of Oz, It begins with the, soon to be” Wizard”, carnival magician Oscar Diggs performing lack luster illusions for a sparse crowd in a dingy tent.  It is revealed that Oscar is somewhat of a womanizer with more than female on his dance card.   Unfortunately for Oscar one of these women happens to be the special lady of the carnivals “Strong Man”.  The strong man and the tornado come for Oscar at the same time.    Just before he is made to pay for his choice in flirtation Oscar is whisked away, in his hot air balloon, to the Land of Oz. 

Once he lands in Oz he meets Theodora the good witch of the east, and soon thereafter he meets her sister Evanora.  The sisters tell Oscar of the third witch Glinda, and Prophecy of Oz,.  Glinda is painted as the evil cause of the unrest in the kingdom.   He must fulfill the prophecy, bring lasting peace in an unsettled time and rule as their king.   Oscar must uncover the truth of good and evil for himself and use his gifts of misdirection and illusion to save the people of Oz.


I am, kind of, in the midst of and Oz period.  I just finished reading the book Wicked, and My daughter and I just saw the stage play, at the Paramount theater.  With that being said I really enjoyed this movie. This movie was truly done in the formalistic style. The carnival scene at the movies open is in black and white and really emphasized the grit and grime of the depression era carnival. The Land of Oz is done in bright joyful colors, the landscapes are beautifully done, mainly computer generated of course.  The costumes of the various peoples of Oz do a great job of indicating which provence they are from.   I really liked how they linked Dorothys mother, Annie in the opening moments as the one true love of the soon to be “Wizard” Oscar Diggs and Glinda the goods doppelganger.  This movie was on the cheesy side at times and the there were many holes in the story but, overall, this movie was about being swept away to a far away land and I was truly entertained



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