Monsters University (2013)

Director: Dan Scanlon

Synopsis: Monsters University returns us to the city of Monstropolis that we all know and love from the original Monsters Inc. You follow Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan through their college years as they go to class to learn how to become “Scarers”. Mike is the over-achieving yet not so scary “nerd”, while his counterpart Sully is the privileged, terrifying “jock”.

Review: I loved Monsters Inc, sadly, I cannot say the same about Monsters University. I enjoyed being able to revisit the world and seeing the characters in their younger years, but that was probably the only thing I really enjoyed throughout the whole film. Monsters Inc had a great blend of adult/child humor and I feel like Monsters University had almost entirely child humor. Now, before anyone says it, I know it’s technically a children’s movie…but most of them at last attempt to entertain the adults as well (not the case here).

I feel as if they should have chosen an entirely different story, as this one was very watered down. We’ve seen it before, it’s all so cliché. From the multiple montage scenes of the characters training to be scary, to the brooding dean who will stop at nothing to kick them out of school…it’s been done. It’s just disappointing that with animation you have an infinite amount of possibilities and this is the story they chose.

That being said, it’s great for kids and I really hope it gets the younger kids to go back and watch the original Monsters Inc if they haven’t watched it yet.


2 responses to “Monsters University (2013)

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  2. I saw this with my son the other day and I would say that I agree on the childish nature of it. I did admire the ending however, for forgoing the cliche a bit, and giving a satisfying origin to Mike and Sully’s relationship. Yeah, but overall not a great story. The animation on the other hand was fantastic. There is some pretty amazing things going on with lens replication in these Pixar films. There were some scenes that I swore were real shots.

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