Snatch (2000) Wk 3

Snatch (2000) Wk 3 Movie Blog

Written and Directed by: Guy Ritchie

Synopsis: Snatch is a story about a group of guys that steal a HUGE diamond dressed as Hasidic Jews to hide their background in the U.S. and then off to London to sell it to the highest bidder. Numerous groups get word of the priceless diamond and the adventures ensue. It’s hard to really describe without going into a ton of detail and possibly ruining the movie (even though its 13 years old). The diamond bounces back and forth between Russian Mobsters, Jewish Jewelers, amateur burglars, and a notorious bookie who are all interrelated at some point or another for some reason or another.

Review: The movie was awesome and truly in Guy Ritchie’s style. I chose this one because I knew it fell under a very distinct Director which is what we focused on in our Week 3 content. It settles on the realism as far as style goes and uses wide assortment of signature camera angles that Ritchie has become famous for (Lock Stock, two smoking barrels, and Revolver). The music its inserted to perfectly set the tone of each scene and bounces around widely in style. A lot of close up shots and leaving the camera still while the character bounces around showing a large amount of action. Also, not really sure how to describe it besides slow-mo cut type scenes with freezes on crazy moments (especially during the boxing matches). They also use many low-camera angles to make certain characters look more intimidating for certain scenes. To show the perspectives of some individual characters Ritchie falls into some formalistic styles which helps you relate to certain characters more and empathize with them.


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