The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (2005) wk 2 Blog

Directed by: Garth Jennings

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is a story (based off a book I have not read but it supposedly way better) about a man whose house, that is in the middle of no where, is about to get demolished. Moments after he finds out, his alien friend (he did not know was an alien) informs him all of planet earth is about to be demolished and he clues him into the Hitchhikers guide which is a more practical version of the Encyclopedia Gallactica. Arthurt (the human) and Ford hitchhike off earth before it is demolished and begin their journey.

Along the way they get picked up by the President of the Galaxy and the girl he clicked with but was stolen from him by the President and they begin a budding relationship. They hitchhike to various ships and planets along the way. Arthur gets left at one of the locations while the others try to find the perfect question to ask, he meets one of the engineers of planets. 2 mice (who had previously asked for the ‘ultimate answer’) had earth made to find out the ultimate question, when it was demolished, they were in the process of building another one. Arthur and Trillian (his love interest) eventually connect and decide to explore the universe after everything is sorted.

In my opinion, the movie was awesome. It definitely wasn’t a piece of cinematic glory or anything. The angles and the times put into the lighting and shots weren’t anything magnificent, but the story was fantastic. Putting in little cartoons to describe in common terms galactic happenings was amusing and informational which made for a solid story. The story did deal with something like traveling to another area and having to achieve ‘normality’ to get back to their natural (known) state versus the common stasis of the area they were in (one was a yarn form and one was the form of a sofa) so it added a lot of fun to the movie. I enjoyed the hell out of it and plan on reading the book now. I will watch something a little more in depth as far as directing and talent in filming/editing goes for my next one, but this was a fun and great movie!

My Favorite part is when the 2 smartest and brightest ask for ‘the answer’ and come back 7.5 million years later only for ‘the answer to the ultimate question to life, the universe, and everything is ’42”

Then in the background some guy: ’42!?’

Setting the hitchhikers to now find the ultimate question. Simply fantastic.


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