John Dies at The End (2013)

John dies at the end (2013)

Directed by John Coscarelli


This film is about Dave and John who discovers a way to see into alternate realities though consuming a drug know as soy sauce. With sarcastic and blind luck they battle forces not of this world to prevent the world from coming to an awkward.


I am extremely biased with this film but feel it is worth reviewing just because it is an indie film and for someone who has not read the literary genius that is “John dies at the End” it is a pretty well put together film. Under the circumstances I feel that all though the plot is confusing for regular moviegoers, it does follow some kind of coherent structure. I also think the choices that were made as far as the adaptation goes were decent. Yes you lose many awesome scenes and sub story lines, not to mention what I consider to be the greatest dick joke every created by anyone, but then again we couldn’t have a 3 to 4 hour movie just because regular Joe public just wouldn’t watch it (I would religiously) and the budget for such a film would just knock it right of the indie ball park.


Everything considered the acting fit the characters, the special effects were impression for what most would consider a b movie and the structure of the film convey the over all message of the book. Not that there was any message really but you surely get a solid idea of the writing style that made JDATE such as cult favorite.


Most of the time I suggest that you not watch a movie before reading the book, in this cause the movie is just a taste of the insane world of David Wong. To discourage disappointment, I diffidently advise watch the film first and then reading the book. After you do that, then diffidently read “This book is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude Don’t Touch it” and then you mind will be full blow. I would precede with caution because depending on which fan boy you talk to the book may contain actual spiders…..


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