Christine Lagerstrom    

October 21, 2013

                This week I chose to watch “Looper”, Directed by Rain Johnson.  The movie is about time travel,  and the mob like society that uses it.  Time travel has been invented approximately 40 years in the future, used for wrong doings and quickly outlawed.  As stands to reason once something have been outlawed, the only people who have access to and use time travel are the criminals.  This mob like group has set up a way to dispose of unsavory characters and those who have worn out their welcome.  The problem with assassination in the future is that ways of tracking people have become so advanced that it has become all but impossible to get rid of the bodies.  That is where the Loopers come in.  Those scheduled for termination are sent back in time to a specific place and time where an employee of the criminal society, who lives in the past called a Looper, waits to quickly assassinate and get rid of the body, and naturally get paid a huge sum of silver. 

A Looper has an expiration date as well.  About 30 years in the future the Looper will be sent back to his younger self to be disposed of.   This is called closing your loop.  A “golden payday” is cashed out and the looper has satisfied his contract and can go live out the thirty years nearly free of obligation.  The exception is knowing that in thirty years he will be sent back in time to be assassinated by his younger self.  Our main character Joe watches all of his close friends “close their loops” and devises a plan to bring down the system.  He must find out who is the top dog, known as the Rainmaker.  The Rainmaker is the one responsible for closing all the loops.   Joe devises a plan to return, find the Rain maker as a child and take his life before he becomes a problem to society.  Old, and wizened Joe must enlist the help of his younger, more arrogant/ ignorant   self to carry out his plan.   Will the world be saved from the likes of the Rainmaker?

 You need to watch this movie with an open mind and for the purpose of entertainment.  The ending was an unexpected one and if you think too much about it you may feel as I did that he ending made the rest of the movie impossible, however since time travel itself is thus far impossible I guess it is a moot point.  I really enjoy both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis but had a hard time believing they were to be the same person. I am sure there is another actor out there that could have been more convincingly transformed into either an older or younger version of Joe, or for that matter with a great makeup artist Joseph Gordon –Levitt could have played his own older version.   I know I sound like I am tearing it apart but I really did enjoy this movie.  I would recommend watching it.


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