Directed By Ron Howard

The film Rush is a true story about formula 1 racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda and their bitter rivalry. These two racers spent pretty much the whole 70’s compeating to be the best Formula 1 race car driver in the world. 

First let me say that Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl as Niki Ladau were perfect to play these two contrasting characters. James Hunt’s character was more reckless and was a total party animal. Niki Lauda took more of a professional business like approach to Formula 1. As different as these two racers were the film showed that they were both equally great in their own way at what they did, race cars, I really like the way that these drivers became obssesed at beating each other, but at the same time they had a sort of respect for one another. Their were times in this movie when i thought that James Hunt was really awesome and I was rooting for him, and then there would be a scene later where I started rooting for Niki Laudau. This film did a great job at recreating certain racing scenes by showing closeups of the pistons working under the hood to really cool shots of inside the drivers helmets. The racing was really intense and the way they cross cut the actual racing footage from the 70’s to the footage shot by Ron Howard was seem less. This didn’t seem like a typical Ron Howard film but if I had to compare it to another of his films I would have to say it reminded me of would be Cinderella Man because it kind of had the same story telling format.


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