“The Hangover Part 3” (2013)


 The wolf pack directed by Todd Phillips is brought together again in this epic trilogy that will have you laughing out of your seat. Chow (Ken Jeong) apparently has stolen half of Marshall (John Goodman) the mob leader’s gold. Doug is held hostage and the wolf pack is sent out to bring chow back with the stolen gold. Traveling all the way to Tijuana, Mexico, chow convinces the gang to break into a house that Chow use to own in order to get the gold back. After they grab the gold, Chow locks them in the basement of the mansion and escapes with Phil’s (Bradley Cooper) van. Marshall picks up the boys at the police station, and to their surprise the house they really broke into was his not Chow’s, which means that Chow stole the rest of the gold. Tracking Chow all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada the boys find him yet again in a hotel penthouse suite. The chase continues with as he parachutes off the balcony of the hotel, and eventually with Stu (Ed Helms) Chasing him with a limo he finally catches up and locks him in the truck to take directly to Marshall. The finale ends with a big boom that no one would see coming. If you like the first and second movies, then you will find this one even more funny and entertaining. 


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