The Help (2011)

The Help (2011)

Director: Tate Taylor

I watched this movie when it came out but i liked it a lot, read the book a while back and now i decided to watch the movie again. It’s a beautiful story about the african american maids in Jefferson City, Mississippi placed in the middle of the 20th century. Every white woman had a black maid. Everything was relatively okay until one white woman, Hilly, decided that black people cannot use the same bathrooms as white people. Her initiative stirred up some arguments. On the other hand, Skeeter Phelan, a white young lady recently returned from college starts interviewing the black maids in hope to publish them in a book that would launch her career as an editor. Incidents happen here and there throughout the story that change everyone’s life. No one walks out of the story the way they walked in. 

I liked the tension in the movie. The secret interviews and the confrontations between the mean Hilly and the other characters. I also loved the fear and intense emotions on every maid’s face when they talk about their experiences. Aibeleen, the main character is absolutely amazing when it comes to telling her story with lots of emotions involved. Another interesting and hilarious character is , of course, Minny. Although she’s an excellent cook, she cannot control her temper and especially her mouth. That gets her in a lot of trouble but she still manages to find a way out. Skeeter’s courage and boldness stands out to me because i appreciate that type of women. Tate Taylor, the director is a very interesting person himself. He not only directed the movie, but he was also responsible for the screenplay and also the executive producer for this movie. He only has directed three other movies. He is known as a writer, producer but mostly as an actor. 

Overall, i think the movie is a very good one. if i watched the movie twice and read the book so it had to be really good. 


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