“This is 40” (2012)


“This is 40” directed by Judd Apatow is hysterically funny, and a must watch. It is about a family who undergoes a hard time financially and a couple who’s parenting may be out of funk. Debbie (Leslie Mann) is turning 40 years old and her life could not get any more complicated. She has two daughters that hate each other, and a husband that is bringing down their financial stability. She also owns a clothing boutique which undergoes some problems when one of her workers is stealing thousands from the store. Pete (Paul Rudd) also turning 40, cannot seem to stop giving money to his father to help keep his business a float. Meanwhile, Pete’s record label is sinking, so he tries to have one of his old artists do some concerts to raise the money but the outcome is completly oposite. On the verge of losing their home, Pete and Debbie struggle with their companies, their families, their children, and their own relationship to one another.



2 responses to ““This is 40” (2012)

  1. I watched Knocked up this week. I had seen This is Forty and thought I would watch the movie that started it all. This is Forty is, in my opinion, much funnier.

    • Oh yes, by far. I looked up the actress and the kids that played her two daughters are actually her two daughters in real life, and her husband directed the film. Wanderlust is another good one. Its just something about Paul Rudd, he is a great actor.

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