Bill Cunningham New York

“Liberty and freedom are the most expensive thing, money is the cheapest”.  Bill Cunningham rides around New York city on his bike taking photos of all different kinds of people in interesting outfits.  Is he homeless? No, he is out of the ordinary and extraordinary. Actually quite a famous man in the fashion industry, yet not of the fashion world.  Wearing his uniform blue jacket, black comfortable shoes, sometimes a black waterproof rain poncho, he documents the trends in clothing for his weekly column “Street Fashion” in the New York times.  There is no celebrity worship or cow towing to the socialites he also photographs “It’s the clothes. The clothes”!   His apartment is small and full of file cabinets stuffed with photos. His life seems monk-like in comparison to the glamorous world he chronicles.  Yet he lives and breathes fashion, “Fashion is the armor (in which) we survive the reality of everyday life”.  Bill Cunningham is not a movie buff, not a bit interested in food, doesn’t own a television and doesn’t “have time” for music.  This is a story of a man happily and successfully obsessed and it also makes riding a bicycle around the city of New York seem like the best way to see it, it even feels safe somehow.  “We’ll talk”.


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