Knocked Up (2007)

Director: Judd Apatow

This film tells a story about a guy named Ben Stone and a girl named Alison Scott. Ben Stone is a laid back, marijuana smoking, Canadian who lives off government funding he receives from an injury he received as a child. While, Alison Scott is a career-minded woman. One night, Alison goes out to celebrate her promotion with her sister at a nightclub where Ben and his friends were hanging out. The two meet and end up having drunk sex. The next morning, the two part ways after realizing they have nothing in common with each other. Eight weeks later, Alison begins experiencing morning sickness and realizes she could be pregnant. She contacts Ben and tells him. After deciding to keep the baby, they also decide to give the relationship a shot. They end up breaking up but reconnects when the baby is born.

I decided to watch this movie because I recently gave birth and is now a new and first time mom! I enjoyed watching how Alison’s character depicts the stages of her pregnancy since I could compare. I also enjoy the actor and actress that play Ben Stone and Alison Scott. I definitely recommend this romantic comedy and drama.


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