The Heat (2013)

The Heat was directed by Paul Feig. I learned about it from a preview. It seemed interesting so a few weeks later i rented it and watched it. The story is about an FBI agent, Ashburn, who is very good at what she’s doing but who is hated by everyone around her because of her arrogance.  She is sent to Boston to work on a drug dealing case. Ashburn ends up working with Mullins, a cop in Boston who looks and acts nothing like a cop but is very good at bringing in the bad guys. Though their journey together they change and learn to accept each other.

If the language wasn’t so offensive, i would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to laugh for 117 minutes. It is insanely hilarious. I had to stop the movie a few times because i couldn’t stop laughing from the previous scene and i didn’t want to miss what’s to come. As i already said, the whole movie is funny but a few moments were stuck with me and i still laugh when i think about them. One of them was the scene at the beginning when Mullins was chasing that guy and they jump the fence and get hurt but then they pass the fruit stand and she hits him with a watermelon. I can just call my sister right now and tell her “Remember the watermelon scene?” and we would still laugh at it. I had a good time watching it. Both Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are incredibly talented.

The director, Paul Feig is well known especially for his career as an actor (43 productions), director (20 productions), also writer and producer.  



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